Laser hair removal methods are rising in recognition as a way for completely or semi-permanently lowering undesirable hair on the physique or face. This text will examine the science behind laser hair removal in an try to provide these contemplating the therapy some understanding of what they’re considering.

Lasers operate by concentrating on a chromophore, and within the case of laser hair removal, the chromophore is the melanin pigment present in hair follicles and pores and skin. A hair’s germinative equipment, largely answerable for its progress, is surrounded by melanin. When laser power is absorbed by the chromaphoric melanin, a fast rise in temperature outcomes, and when ample, irreversible harm is induced to the germinative equipment, leading to cessation of that hair’s progress. Flashes Home Use Hair Removal System B07PT3T9PX

One barrier to the melanin in a hair absorbing ample power to trigger the destruction of the expansion equipment is the presence of melanin within the pores and skin. For the reason that hair follicle resides sub-epidermally (beneath the pores and skin),the laser should move by the pores and skin, dropping a few of its power to melanin within the dermis. The darker the pores and skin, the larger the focus of melanin inside it, and thus, the extra power is absorbed by the epidermal melanin and the tougher it’s to realize good outcomes, particularly the place the hair is lighter than, or solely barely darker than, the pores and skin.

Hair removal laser therapy exploits the completely different cooling properties of the pores and skin and the hair follicle. For the reason that pores and skin has a far larger floor space to quantity ratio and direct publicity to the air, cooling methods, akin to cooling with cryogen, cool air or a cooled crystal, both earlier than, throughout or after the laser therapy. This will increase the effectivity of the laser by permitting extra power from the laser pulse to achieve the melanin that surrounds the hair progress equipment within the hair follicle.

Multi-pulsed lasers work to additional exploit this distinction within the cooling properties of the pores and skin and the hair follicle. These lasers break power right into a sequence of pulses separated my a niche of a number of milliseconds, permitting the pores and skin to chill. The hair follicle, which is deeper beneath the floor, doesn’t cool as shortly and continues to be sizzling when the subsequent pulse is delivered. This each improves the efficacy of the therapy and prevents the pores and skin from being broken by the laser power.

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